Is the M2 becoming a true M car?

Just released is this video from Shmee150 on YouTube. First off, I dig his channel and enthusiasm. From his drive videos to his collection day videos, he does a great job of delivering very entertaining and thorough content.

In this video he brings to us the M2 Competition. A new version of the M2 for the upcoming 2019 year. The M2 Competition host a full array of upgrades and a refresh worthy of finally granting this 2 series a true M badge. The current M2 does set itself apart from the other 2 Series in BMW’s line up visually with its flared hips and signature quad exhaust, but the model lines becomes blurred once you open the door as it doesn’t look any different than a fully loaded 228/230 or the M235/240i.

For the Competition, you now get the optional sport seats you find in the F80 M3/4, a new set of Competition only wheels, a slightly redesigned front fascia incorporating a new BMW Kidney grill design (which I love). Inside you now get the option of blue or orange stiching that runs throughout the cabin. An all new touchscreen along with new digital gauges, a departure from the historic analog gauges that BMW has held onto for so long.

But the true M car-esque comes from the little M button on the steering wheel that was missing from the current production M2. M series cars have a had the M button to switch driving modes for their owners street and track settings. Oh and they also dropped in the 400hp version on the M3/4 engine. Can you say more power! An extra 40 horses over the current model.

I’ll dig further to find out more info but for now it looks like the M2 will finally stop wavering on the line of “is it, or isn’t it” a true BMW M car.

Borrowed photo

Video courtesy of Shmee150

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Introducing the All-new Ford Fiesta ST

Welcome back everyone. Scrolling through YouTube today, I came across this video of the upcoming Ford Fiesta ST, and you know what…it looks pretty good. In the video you can see that it dances across the track nicely and the chassis looks as lively as ever.

The upcoming redesigned model receives both Sport and Race modes, similar to that of it’s bigger brother, the Focus RS.

Although I like the styling, I’m not completely sold on the exterior. Can’t quite put my finger on it, maybe it’s the taillights or the LED strip in the headlights, but something doesn’t work for me. I do like that they addition of the adaptive headlights like that of the projector lamps find on the Focus RS and Focus ST (ST2/3 package), only these are a jewel pattern similar to that of Acura. These might be part of an upgrade package similar to how they structure the Focus ST with the ST 1,2, & 3 . Depending on your selection you get upgraded lighting, seats and infotainment system based on the package.

On the inside they improved the look of the Recaros. They still look very supportive while looking a bit less restrictive. In the picture below you can see that they are covered in cloth rather than the two-toned partial leather you see in the current generations ST2 package and have a stiched pattern that runs vertical down the middle portion of the seats.

Reading up on the vehicle, Ford gave the horsepower output a small bump to 200 from the 197 hooning ponies you get now. There is an optional LSD which I’m sure lots of enthusiasts will select the opt box for when purchasing. Aside from what I mentioned earlier the ST also gets Ford’s patented – force vectoring springs and the addition of launch control, so you can now “Send It!” without the need for aftermarket ECU tuning.

From what I’ve read the Fiesta ST will not make its way back to the states after 2018, so it’s likely that we will not get this model version of the ST. But that door is not 100% closed as markets outside of Europe will be discussed at a later date per a Ford spokesman.

For now I’m just waiting on the Focus ST launch and promo videos to surface, because that seems to be the only Ford hot hatch making its way back to the states after 2018 models.

Video and photos courtesy of Ford Europe and the interwebs

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Introducing the new BMW M8 Concept

Just wanted to share what BMW has in the pipeline. The return of the 8 series is on the horizon. Take a look at what was unveiled at the Geneva show. The new BMW M8 concept.

No specs provided just yet, but I speculate closer to, if not over 600hp while using the same powerplant as the 2018 M5.

Video borrowed from YouTube.

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New Adventure Saturday

Hi everyone. My wife and I decided to check out a new food joint this weekend called Slapfish. This place puts a new spin on fish eateries. I read about it in a magazine and the picture that captured my attention was of this vibrant and interesting pile of french fries. Not just your average fries, these were smothered with chowder and topped with chopped, perfectly crisped bacon. I present to you Chowder Fries…

After looking over the very creative menu, I ordered the Shrimp Roll which came with fries that I immediately upgraded to the Chowder Fries seen above.

My wife ordered the Ultimate Fish Taco, which they label on the menu as a giant 2 handed fish taco. Since we live by the motto of #treatyoself, we also gave the Lobster Taquitos a try. We really enjoyed the presentation of the food and everything was delicious. The bread for my shrimp roll was toasted buttery goodness and the shrimp were plump, fresh and perfectly prepared. There are different sauces you can get on the roll…I selected the awesome sauce (aka chipotle), which gave the shrimp a nice kick.

The Chowder Fries are another story. The flavor is rich and explosive, yet confusing to the tastebuds. Wrapping your mind around what your eyes are seeing versus what you’re tasting is nothing short of wizardry. All of the food met or exceeded our expectations and was very comforting for the belly. Our only complaint, if you can call it that, is that the Chowder Fries get pretty salty along the way, overpowering the other fantastic flavors. Other than that in the words of The Governator…I’ll be back!

Pictured here is the Ultimate Fish Taco. My shrimp roll is in the distance

Here are the Lobster Taquitos…rich and flavorful. Best if shared if you plan to have more food with it.

Cruising around the parking lot after leaving Slapfish, I spotted one of the most talked about cars for 2018 – the Kia Stinger GT AWD. The exterior is what Kia calls Ceramic Silver and the interior seats are wrapped in a red Nappa leather similar to our TLX. Doing a quick search on Kia’s website, this color combo can only be found on the GT2 spec. FYI, only the GT1 & GT2 are available with the pano sunroof.

This one has been customized/sponsored by Concept 3 Performance, a KDM (Korean Domestic Market) tuning company. The Stinger has a carbon fiber boot lid spoiler, lower front lip spoiler, is bagged on a set of 20-inch (maybe even 21/22) Keen Design wheels dipped in red, and sports a custom mural on the hood. At first glance, you wouldn’t pick up on subtleties like the tinted front turn signals and rear quarter panel reflectors. I am not sure if there were more mods because the owner was not around and it was stalkerish enough that me and another guy were taking pictures of this car.

Enough chatter! Here are the pics we were able to take.

Captured using my Galaxy Note 5

Captured using my Galaxy Note 5

Captured using a Samsung S7

That’s one nice looking Stinger GT!!!

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Made it to the 2017 L.A. Autoshow with a newbie

Barely made it the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show this year.

My cousin Eric, texted me a link with a complimentary ticket to this year’s L.A. Autoshow and you know I could not refuse.  On Saturday December 9th, I drove out to hang with him for the day and head to the show if time permitted.  We met up for lunch and after talking shop and showing me around his companies office, we hopped in his car and headed back to his house.  He thought it be better to take an Uber rather than deal with driving in traffic and paying for Downtown L.A. parking for the autoshow. 

Hear is where things got interesting.  The day was going well until our drive back to his house we started hearing this loud rumbling sound next to us.  There were lots of vehicles on the freeway which is typical for Socal.  With those vehicles there is a multitude of sounds from sports cars, the rumbling of V8’s, or large trucks hauling cargo.  Th noise we heard was keeping pace with us and we began looking around and checking the mirrors.  First thought was there had to be a large truck near by.  After not seeing anything we thought maybe we had a flat tire.  I told him to pull over and i’ll check.  Sure enough the rear drivers tire was flat.  His old worn tire finally gave out.  He did not have a tool to remove the lugnuts, therefore we were stranded on the freeway shoulder a mile from the next exit.  Thank God for AAA roadside.  After a call a driver arrived 20 minutes later to help swap out the spare and get us on our way. 

After this little hurdle, we were still determined to make it to the autoshow.  We headed to his house to park his car, but not before facing another obstacle.  Driving diem the street he ran over some sort of aluminum plate which lodged itself to the under carriage of the car.  We were only a block from his street.  This day was going downhill right along with the sun light.  Spirits were crushed,  but he was able to reverse the car and dislodge the object.  We continued on to his house where we contacted an Uber to give us a lift downtown. 

As you can tell from the pics below we made it and were able to walk the event in a whirlwind record 2-hours.  It was my cousins first time there and we were both able to see tons of vehicles and enjoy ourselves despite the journey to get there. 

What an adventure!  But a true car enthusiast never gives up.  Thanks Eric for hanging in there. next year won’t be full of all of these obstacles and surprises…I hope. 

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