When you’re scrolling thru YouTube and come across a video of Galpin Auto Sports delivering their very first production version of the 725HP Galpin (Ford Mustang) Rocket to a very lucky customer you think to yourself “now that’s cool!” But when you watch the video and find out the lucky owner is your own cousin, you think what the…? That’s freaking a-ma-za-zing!!!

Congrats Jonathan for being numero uno. Proud and very happy for you.

A little bit about the car and the collaboration with Fisker and Ford can be found in this press release by Ford.

Video, photo and press release borrowed from Ford and GAS YouTube page.

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Honda Civic Type R first impression

I had the opportunity to take a look at my co-workers 2018 Honda Civic Type R today. He purchased the car through our companies car buying service that gave him a good deal. The Type R only comes in a handful of colors and this particular one is what Honda calls Rallye Red. I’m not always a fan of red cars but this one really works by capturing the aggressive body lines of the beefed up Honda.

Because we were just taking a break, we were not able to take it out for a drive, but I did start it up and give it a little rev to hear how it sounds. When I pushed the start button I expected the car bark to life with a deep rumble, but surprisingly it was quiet. It started up with none of the racecar drama you’d expect it to have. The gentleness of the engine starting is similar to that of a hybrid car or regular Honda Civic. You hear the engine start and the gauge cluster comes to life, but nothing to make you feel like you are in a 300hp FWD Nurburgring track record setting car. The car is very quite and composed, muted in comparison to it’s exaggerated styling. The owner says that an exhaust is on his short list of mods to be purchased.

From the futuristic looking LED headlamps, the sharp angles, flared fenders, hood scoop and air vents all around, Honda has made this car very reminiscent of a Robotech jet fighter.

But the more I see these cars on the road, the more I can appreciate the body styling. I guess it’s grown on me. The interior itself is very nicely done and I can appreciate the quality and how put together it appears. And although I’m still on the fence with the look of the front seats, they are very comfy in comparison to the Recaros in the Focus. One thing my friend pointed out to me was that he felt that his passenger seat feels a little more snug than his driver’s seat and I have to agree with him. The seat felt tighter and also as if it was a little more angled towards the center of the cabin. This is actually a trick that some car manufactures use to provide more space and legroom in some of their smaller sports cars. Maybe Honda used that trick as well.

Overall the interior is nicely done. A nice use of alcantara and carbon fiber trim pieces that wrap around the cabin from the doors to the dash. Soft touch materials with stitching is used to cover the dash. The layout is very simplistic, clean with not a lot of unnecessary switches and knobs. A nice touch screen, digital gauge cluster and a few sport mode switches are placed around the short shifting manual.

Each car is numbered and this one happens to be number 12753. Looks like they are producing quiet a few.

No driving impression at this time but here are a few more pictures I took with my Galaxy Note 5. Again, the red is nice.

This is apparently where all the Civic owners like to park. To the left you can see a Civic Sport wearing the same shade of red like it’s big brother the Type R.

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Getting my Saturday in Focus

Today the weather in CA was pretty close to perfect so I finally took some time clean up the little Focus. I think I did an alright job of knocking the dirty off of the car. I even popped the hood and checked the spark plugs to make sure everything was in good order.

With the car clean, my son (home from completing his first year away at college) wanted to try Raising Cane’s, and he was not disappointed. The 2 locations that I’ve been to are always busy. Hmmm, maybe I should look into getting a franchise of my own.

After lunch we headed to the local Honda dealership because I wanted to check out the new Civic Type R. A friend of mine just picked up a red one that I’ll be checking out this week, but I wanted to see if I could check one out today. Do you know some dealers won’t let you test drive one unless you buy it first? We arrived at the dealership, but no luck. The salesman told me a guy came in yesterday and bought the last 2 they had on the showroom floor. Even at a $4k~$10k dealer markup, these things are flying out of dealerships. And buying 2 of them, well that’s just seems crazy. It reminds me of back in the day when you’d buy 2 of the same toy and play with one and leave the other in the package in the hopes that it would appreciate.

So with the dealer visit out of the way I decided to use this time to capture the beauty of the Focus’ Kona Blue color. I was able to capture a few good pics and even had my son take a video of me driving by so I could see and hear how the car looks and sounds to everyone else when I’m driving. Being the driver you never really get get to be an observer of your car in motion, so this is the next best thing.

The pictures came out pretty good and the car sounds great. Not bad for a little Focus, I think I’ll keep it for a while 🙂

Since we were having a father and son outing, I also took the opportunity to show him how to drive a manual. He did great, we only did laps in the parking lot but at least he now had the knowledge and experience…it’s all about creating memories.

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Weekend fellowship car show

I want to give thanks to my friend B-Radd for inviting me out to a men’s fellowship car show at his church this weekend. I almost had a back out from the event because I was not feeling 100%, but couldn’t pass up the chance to hang with B-radd and check out his church, eat some great food, meet some great people, and of course see some cool vehicles.

The fellowship event was put together very well. Nice layout of food, giveaways, a comedian (Carlos Oscar) who had me in tears. There was also a great speaker that put perspective on some very real world experiences he has gone thru.

Overall it was a really nice turnout and a great day was had with and some good people. Thanks again B-Radd for the invite and getting me out of the house. I owe you lunch.

“Someone” tried to photobomb my shot

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2018 Concorso Ferrari

Sorry for the delay everyone, but I am finally able to upload the photos from the 2018 Concorso Ferrari show now that my laptop is working.  It was a great event that was held in Pasadena and although it was very hot there was a great turnout.  The sun was fierce and as you will notice in a few of the photos, the sun was a bit too bright for my phone to capture a quality shot.  I did some editing on a couple of the photos and hopefully I didn’t damage the beauty of the vehicles my phone attempted to capture.  I would take the time to go thru and name all of the Ferrari’s pictured below…but that would be showing off, so I will just dump the photos and allow you the uninterrupted viewing pleasure. 🙂

I hope that you enjoy.


I added the M3 because…M3!

I really hope that you enjoyed these as I look forward to bringing more for your viewing pleasure.

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