Made it to the 2017 L.A. Autoshow with a newbie

Barely made it the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show this year.

My cousin Eric, texted me a link with a complimentary ticket to this year’s L.A. Autoshow and you know I could not refuse.  On Saturday December 9th, I drove out to hang with him for the day and head to the show if time permitted.  We met up for lunch and after talking shop and showing me around his companies office, we hopped in his car and headed back to his house.  He thought it be better to take an Uber rather than deal with driving in traffic and paying for Downtown L.A. parking for the autoshow. 

Hear is where things got interesting.  The day was going well until our drive back to his house we started hearing this loud rumbling sound next to us.  There were lots of vehicles on the freeway which is typical for Socal.  With those vehicles there is a multitude of sounds from sports cars, the rumbling of V8’s, or large trucks hauling cargo.  Th noise we heard was keeping pace with us and we began looking around and checking the mirrors.  First thought was there had to be a large truck near by.  After not seeing anything we thought maybe we had a flat tire.  I told him to pull over and i’ll check.  Sure enough the rear drivers tire was flat.  His old worn tire finally gave out.  He did not have a tool to remove the lugnuts, therefore we were stranded on the freeway shoulder a mile from the next exit.  Thank God for AAA roadside.  After a call a driver arrived 20 minutes later to help swap out the spare and get us on our way. 

After this little hurdle, we were still determined to make it to the autoshow.  We headed to his house to park his car, but not before facing another obstacle.  Driving diem the street he ran over some sort of aluminum plate which lodged itself to the under carriage of the car.  We were only a block from his street.  This day was going downhill right along with the sun light.  Spirits were crushed,  but he was able to reverse the car and dislodge the object.  We continued on to his house where we contacted an Uber to give us a lift downtown. 

As you can tell from the pics below we made it and were able to walk the event in a whirlwind record 2-hours.  It was my cousins first time there and we were both able to see tons of vehicles and enjoy ourselves despite the journey to get there. 

What an adventure!  But a true car enthusiast never gives up.  Thanks Eric for hanging in there. next year won’t be full of all of these obstacles and surprises…I hope. 

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Happy Birthday to me

Back in November my wife posed the question to me,  “what do you want for your birthday?”  This was something that I had to think about because last year she bought me, well us, an inversion table that has brought much satisfaction on many occasion.  This year, what is my gift range?  Is this a trick question?  Do I simply ask for new undies or colorful and stylish socks to help with my sock game?  I wasn’t sure and had to put some thought into it.  

Being that I’m kinda into cars, can’t even type this without laughing 🤣😂!  Being that cars are my life, I thought maybe I’ll ask her for a 2018 Still Night Blue Pearl Acura TLX A-Spec.

To be fair this is really the car that she wants so I’ll let her treat herself when the time is right.  

Ok, so maybe I’ll shoot for a car part or two, that should hopefully be an easy ask.  I mean, I have been good for most of the year 😁.

Around Thanksgiving I told her that I have my Christmas and birthday list ready and she asked what was on it.  I rambled off the 3 items for my car and she replied with those magical 7 words that every husband/car enthusiast wants to hear…”maybe we should just buy our own gifts.”  Thats like your parents telling you we are having ice cream for dinner, or you can pick out your own clothes, or better yet, we are moving to Disneyland to live in the Magic Castle.  Whaaaaaaaaat?!?!?! Additional confirmation that she is the one!

Online Black Friday deals were in affect around this time so I was able to capitalize on some amazing deals from Mountune and CJ Pony Parts, which made me one happy camper.  With the packages arriving like a scene from the greatest movie ever…I have been very patient and have not opened one of them yet.  But today is my birthday and something’s getting unboxed.   

Here is my car for reference and the goodies are below, muhahahaha!

Can you guess what’s in the boxes?   Here’s a hint… it’s your typical Ford Focus ST/ Fiesta ST/ Focus RS tuning stater kit.  Well to be fair, it’s the starter kit for most modded cars, but the brands for the parts pictured here are fairly exclusive to Ford vehicles.

The reveal and installs to follow.  Now its time to git ta opening!!!

Yay! Happy dance time! 

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World’s Greatest Drag Race 7

Motor Trend does it again!

You take one part abandoned air strip runway, add several of the hottest and fastest production cars available to the American market mix in some seasoned drivers and what do you have?  The World’s Greatest Drag Race 7!  And who doesn’t like a good drag race?  Especially one featuring this very desirable list of Exotics and ‘murican muscle.  I would take any of these cars regardless of their podium finish, or lack there of.

I wonder who the top dog will be.

Hmmm…does anyone still drag race for pinks anymore?

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