Today I would like to celebrate #wagonwednesday with a little piece of American muscle.  The Cadillac CTS-V is a fire breathing 551hp beast of a wagon that you can have in a paddle-shifting auto or in a manual for those that dare.  It has sexy styling and sharp lines front to rear that would pair nicely with a crisp white button up and Armani slacks.  But when you take a nestle into those suede and leather bucket seats, grip the suede steering wheel and fire up that monster of an engine…you know that you are about to unleash #beastmode! Like Marshawn Lynch running the ball to the end zone, you better hold on.
This is more than just a sharply dress grocery-getter, think Jason Statham in The Transporter. A very well dressed tire shredder. Another car to add to my ever growing imaginary stable of cars. So this Wednesday let’s stand and give this wagon a well deserved round of applause. Thank you Cadillac.



Borrowed photos…thanks

Perks Garage

2 thoughts on “#WagonWednesday

  1. Ray says:

    By far this is my favorite wagon of all time. My true fist love was the Volvo wagon, I believe it was the T5R, back in the 90’s. It did not have the horse power of the CTS, but it did have the handling and to me it was my first wagon experience.


    1. I have always been a wagon lover and yes the T5R was and still is a very cool wagon. Very revered in the euro scene as a cult car. Great HP for back then, although a tad on the heavy side.


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