Driving…A Passion!

When it comes to driving, most people look at is as…well as a chore.  Something that has to be done to get them from point A to B.  B usually being their place of employment or the grocery store.  I, like many others out there have a different viewpoint.  When most see their glass half empty I see my glass half full. 

Those of you that know me, know that I commute to work via a commuter bus, thus robbing me of my freedom…freedom to drive.  There is a great amount of pleasure that I take when I get behind the wheel.  You see, driving (for me at least) is a necessity.  As breathing in fresh air after a good rain has rid the city of smog and pollutants, I inhale and exhale through driving.  Now some of you may say to yourself, “is this nut comparing driving to breathing?”  Well yes this nut is!

Driving, for me is an extension of who I am.  Stealing a lane, or taking a turn at just the right speed is euphoric and somewhat instinctual.  It is as embedded in me the same as my other 4 or 5 senses.  It should be 5 right?  Seeing, hearing, tasting, feeling, and…uh, well.  Let’s just say eating is number 5, so I guess driving would be my 6th sense.  Not the “I see dead people” 6th sense, but a sense that evokes an emotion.  Something that is neurologically hardwired that raises my pulse rate.  It turns the corners of my mouth northern.  Gives me that gleam in my eye.

Ever since I was a young whippersnapper, I would sit in the passenger seat pretending to drive.  I recall riding shotgun with my big sister using my rain hat as a steering wheel.  I would take onramps like a NASCAR driver taking a banked turn at 180mph.  I rode everywhere with her and longed for the day to actually get behind the wheel. 

Let me ask…Do you lean into a turn?  Do you seek the long way home when driving?  How about slowing down to make sure the onramp is clear, so that you can enjoy the car rotating without the hindrance of other lackluster drivers.  I do and if you can say yes to any of these, then you have it too.  Embrace the passion. 

For me, seating myself into the drivers seat, and buckling the seat belt gets the juices flowing. Once I start the car and put my hands on the wheel, I get this tingly sensation. The real magic is when I press on the gas pedal and wake up the engine. The induction of air combined with the gushing of fuel from the injectors is like giving Popeye his spinach. As the car pushed forward you realize that you are basically flying inches above the ground! The car attempts to swallow up the pavement as I navigate it down the road. It’s like I’m operating Pac-Mac and the little white lines are the pellets being gobbled up. I guess that’s why someone told me long ago that I drive like I’m playing a video game. Good thing…I’m not sure. But I do enjoy it.

Stay passionate people.

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2 thoughts on “Driving…A Passion!

  1. Ash:) says:

    Hahaha! Love this post. Definitely got my passion for driving from you. I was just telling someone I am almost a spitting image of you when it comes to all things cars and enjoying them! Car show soon????


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