The Simple Times

I was scrolling through Facebook the other day and stumbled upon a post from a high school friend of mine.  He was on daddy duty while his wife was away, a little father-daughter time.  He posted that he was out of hamburger buns and was going to make his burger using regular ole sandwich bread…A.K.A. square Wonder bread, which his daughter said is not a burger.  In the words of Eddie Murphy “dat ain’t no McDonald’s!”  Now back in our day, this was acceptable.   Back in our day our hamburger, hot dog and sandwich bread all came in the same pack.  Actual buns were a luxury.  This type of burger on square white bread was also known as the “Momma Burger.”

The intent of his post was to show how times have changed and how our children have missed out on how simple life was for us while growing up.  Kids nowadays may say “dad, you were poor!”  The reality is, we were simply living in our time and loving life.  Now as adults the times have changed and so has technology and it’s impact on everything.  We have become a little lazy and we take simple things for granted, like changing TV channels with a remote.  It used to be, “MIKE! Come in here and turn the channel for ya momma!”  “Click! Click! Click!”  How about watching t.v. shows and skipping past the commercials…thanks a lot DVR.  And let’s not forget the paper version of Google…encyclopedias.  “Who took the C-CH encyclopedia?  I have to look something up for my report.”  

Now what about in our cars, hmmm?  Remember looking over your shoulder when you were backing up.  Putting your arm over the passenger seat and looking back was the back up camera.  “Ooops, who left their bike in the driveway?”  Whats funny is my 2005 Acura TL had a tape deck right below the navigation screen and my son asked if that is where you put the iPod to charge it?  So, can anyone tell me what this little item is? 

wpid-images-2.jpg.jpegAnyone born before 1990 may be able to answer this.  Here is a hint…it has been replaced by a button or switch in most every car.

About 11 years ago, I was involved in a car accident.  I was hit full speed from the rear on the freeway while stopped.  With the car in the shop, I had to pick up a rental.  Told the guy at the rental place, “give me the cheapest thing you got, I’m only going from A to B.”  Boom…4-door Kia Rio!

Now for me, the Kia served it’s purpose and did the job.  When the kids finally got the pleasure (I say that lightly) to experience the little Rio that could, trust me they had a different story to tell.  First thing they noticed was I had to physically reach over to unlock the car doors.  What?  No power locks!  Man, you talk about teary-eyed laughter.  The part of this story that I still laugh about is when the kids were in the backseat, looking perplexed at the door screaming “It’s hot!  How do you put the window down?”  What’s even funnier is watching your sweaty  kids try to manually roll down a window, especially when they are cranking the handle the wrong way.  “It won’t roll down.”   LOL!  

The moral of this story is, our kids have been ruined.  50 kills on Call of Duty, but can’t operate a car window or a door lock because there is no button or switch on the door.  Shame, shame, shame.

Thank you Mr Williams for reminding me of the lost ways of our children.  Square Wonder bread burgers and manual crank windows…The Simple Times.

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2 thoughts on “The Simple Times

  1. Ray says:

    This is so true. I actually had the same experience, only my rental was a higher model than my everday car. My kids complained for 3 days about my everyday car.

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  2. Ash:) says:

    HAHAHAHA LMBO!!!!!!!!! I remember I used to be sooooooo upset about not having hot dog buns and using square bread. But I remember Chris asking “how do I roll down the window???” That was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen him say/do. He was not a happy camper. I remember thinking ohhhhhhhh my…… Really?????? Lol good times….


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