Watch “Motobot Vs. Valentino ‘The Doctor’ Rossi. The Story So Far…” on YouTube

Saw this on YouTube and had to share it.   Is this the future of MotoGP?


One thought on “Watch “Motobot Vs. Valentino ‘The Doctor’ Rossi. The Story So Far…” on YouTube

  1. 07GSXR1000 says:

    Ah Mike, you knew this was gonna call me out..;)..saw a video (minus Rossi) similar on a japanese website last year..It’s not too far a stretch to see where this and many other sports are potentially headed. Look at what drones are doing for us, Air Force using planes to eliminate the human exposure, Tesla and others engineering auto pilot vehicles. If you were a business owner, why not eliminate the human costs (and related expenses, insurance etc). I can see it now..the riders/drivers (NASCAR, Formula One etc) will be kids sitting with a joy stick somewhere or, like in the arcades, sitting on simple mock up of a bike/car with a VR headset on doing the racing. Right?..I mean we’ve got “gaming” conventions/contests where tons of people can compete online. The money/sport will head to making the bikes/race cars more integrated complicated machinery out there. Just like those RC dirt trucks/tracks, we’ll be able to crash n bang them modern gladiators..sans the human damage. Let’s not stop there..we’re getting there..but it won’t be too long before..Mr. Roboto takes to the field with a football. So, get your kids into robotic engineering fields (or their kids). We’ll still need good mechanics to repair the bikes/cars/robo football players but, they will be a different type of aplenty coming in this field!..Of course, skilled “Gamers” will be needed’ll just have more competition to get to those high paying slots..same goes for the football field. the “line up” will look totally different..No 350 lb lineman or guys that can run the 40 in 4 sec..more like 125 lb nerds that can push buttons the fastest. ..and after “their” time is up, computers that will play against each other controlling the field. “Skynet” is on the way!…Yes Motobot, you won the day man was created.


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