This weekend the Long Beach marina was host to the annual JCCS.  One of the Perks Garage field reporters/photogs ventured out to this beautiful marina, which is also home to the incredible Queen Mary, to capture these images from the JCCS.  

For those who don’t know, the JCCS stands for Japanese Classic Car Show.  An event that takes place once a year and is home to the best restored Japanese classics found in Southern California.  It is not uncommon for car clubs to make appearances or for a Japanese Auto manufacturer to bring out a concept or pre-production car.  Evident with the amount of GTR’s on deck and the black Lexus coupe that was on display. 

The weather was perfect as usual and the turn out was great.  Enjoy the pics,  thanks Erik for providing them. 

Lexus LC500

1982 Toyota Tercel

Grand Turismo Cosmos

Clean Datsun 510’s

Mitsubishi Starion’s

A little retro facelift on these two s14s to give them that classic styling.

Lets play charades…Dhaitsu Charade that is!

All pics courtesy of E@PerksGarage.

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