Star Wars X-Wing fighter lands in Hollywood

Today is my wife’s birthday and she wanted to go to Hollywood to catch a glimpse of the X-Wing fighter they had on display for the red carpet premier of Rogue One.  Part of Hollywood Blvd was shut down for the premier that took place on Friday.  We loaded up the car early and hit the highway to beat traffic.  We made it the just in time as they were dismantling the ships, part by part.  I say ships because they also had a Tie-Fighter on another street.  When we pulled out our phones and the GoPro to take some pics and catch some video we noticed that there was someone in the cockpit wearing a helmet.  Say What!  My wife immediately asked the guard on site if she could get a close up picture.  His response, “I’m going to turn my back and pretend I didn’t see anything.”  She quickly ran over there posed and even touched.  What a way to get a birthday started.

May the force be with you.

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