“C88” Harley Sportster

I have always been a fan of customization, whether it be cars, trucks, or motorcycles.  I have this yearning to build my own bike one day so I am always looking at what others have done. Watching biker build off shows and YouTube videos of retro Honda and Yamaha bobber builds.  The other day I came across this pic online and was immediately taken over-the-top when I saw the perfect execution of this Harley Sportster 883.  

Take a look at these pics of this custom build called C88.  This Harley has been re-imagined and built by DP Customs, a 2-man team building 2-wheel showstoppers. Not only are they a 2-man team, but they are also brothers, working in their passion and purpose. 

The color scheme on C88 pops very nicely and drew me in immediately upon seeing it.   The bike looks simple in design but does an EXCELLENT job of enhancing the amount of detail that was paid by these 2 gentlemen while building.  You can see the level of skill and passion that goes into every one of their builds. 

They are artist, and the fruits of their labor deserve to be shown and appreciated like any good piece of artwork.  Whether it be in a gallery, a motorcycle show, or out on the streets, DP Customs is representing. 


Here are a few of their other builds I found online.  

Absolutely stunning craftsmanship! 

Seventy Three

Check out their site and if you are looking for a custom one-off to get your weekend cruise on, hit them up. 

And if you are a builder, keep building and inspiring others. 

Perks Garage thanks you. 

Photos courtesy of DP Customs and the web.
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