These are the Brakes…Brake it up, Brake it up, Brake it up! (Channeling my Kurtis Blow)

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of getting my hands a little dirty and tackling a rear brake and rotor job on the Honda Crosstour.  Very simple job…when everything goes smoothly.  I was able to knock out the driver side in about 25 minutes, taking my time and taking pictures of the process.  The passenger side is an entirely different story full of stripped bolt and screw heads.  Thanks to Autozone for have new caliper bolts and guide pins in stock.

Doing the job myself, I was able to save a ton of money over stealership cost.  Last I checked, they were charging a discounted price of $230 to do the front brakes and resurface the rotors.  I ordered a new brake and rotor kit on Amazon for $100 from R1 Concepts.  The new kit included both front and rear rotors and ceramic brakes.  I only had to pick up some new brake fluid and grease for the calipers and rotors to keep the squealing away.

Now on to the pics:

R1 Concepts Brake kit
Ceramic pads
Caliper and crusty old brake pads
The caliper removed from the bracket
Removing the caliper bracket to replace the rotor
You can see the slight grooves in the old rotor
Caliper bracket removed.  Placed the bolts in the holes so I don’t lose anything.
Removing the old rotor which is held on by 2 screws.
All disassembled and ready for the new parts. Remember to clean up the area prior to installing the new goods.
Like unwrapping a new present
Old vs New
So pretty!!!


Do it the right way. Adding the grease to keep the rotor from squealing and rusting together. Added this grease to the guide pins to keep caliper movement smooth.
New stopping power 🙂


Compressing the caliper to fit the new pads
All shiny and new
This little booger was one of the screws for the passenger rotor. Had to drill it out and replace it. It took forever and made the job much more difficult, but patience prevailed. Perfect example of having the right tools for the job. Thank you brother-in-law for the gift (Speed out).

All-in-all not a bad day.  Next week…I’ll tackle the fronts.

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