Is the M2 becoming a true M car?

Just released is this video from Shmee150 on YouTube. First off, I dig his channel and enthusiasm. From his drive videos to his collection day videos, he does a great job of delivering very entertaining and thorough content.

In this video he brings to us the M2 Competition. A new version of the M2 for the upcoming 2019 year. The M2 Competition host a full array of upgrades and a refresh worthy of finally granting this 2 series a true M badge. The current M2 does set itself apart from the other 2 Series in BMW’s line up visually with its flared hips and signature quad exhaust, but the model lines becomes blurred once you open the door as it doesn’t look any different than a fully loaded 228/230 or the M235/240i.

For the Competition, you now get the optional sport seats you find in the F80 M3/4, a new set of Competition only wheels, a slightly redesigned front fascia incorporating a new BMW Kidney grill design (which I love). Inside you now get the option of blue or orange stiching that runs throughout the cabin. An all new touchscreen along with new digital gauges, a departure from the historic analog gauges that BMW has held onto for so long.

But the true M car-esque comes from the little M button on the steering wheel that was missing from the current production M2. M series cars have a had the M button to switch driving modes for their owners street and track settings. Oh and they also dropped in the 400hp version on the M3/4 engine. Can you say more power! An extra 40 horses over the current model.

I’ll dig further to find out more info but for now it looks like the M2 will finally stop wavering on the line of “is it, or isn’t it” a true BMW M car.

Borrowed photo

Video courtesy of Shmee150

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