She’s looking fly now

I don’t mod as heavy as I used to which is a good thing. Means I have more money in the bank to take trips with my family. I guess I grew up a little over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to get my hands dirty installing parts and like to consider myself as a do-it yourselfer. So when I find a little time and a little spare cash and some cool trend, I tend to give it a go.

Also as someone that likes to modify cars I realize that money is not endless. If there is a way to save a few bucks by replicating something that I found out in the market that some company is charging ludicrous amounts of money for, I am willing to try to make it myself. Obviously, not something that does not jeopardize the safety or integrity of the vehicle. I’m only referring to aesthetics, at the most a homemade intake.

Amongst Ford Focus ST owners one of the most common discussions had been how to make the car look more aggressive to match the performance. The rear wing, different than a standard Focus hatchback, but still gets overlooked when looking at the cars side profile. One of the cool things of performance cars are the aesthetics and how they look so sleek yet aggresive. One of the most imitated looks is the duckbill style spoilers found on BMW M3 CSL’s and some JDM cars. These spoilers are attached to or in some cases an exaggerated version of the trunk. The look provides the rear of the car with a bit more upward angle.

With the Focus ST being a hatchback people have gotten creative and rather than replacing their wing with a RS style one they found a way to add a little flair. Introducing the diy wing riser. Some companies are selling kits for $150, but some diy’ers found a very cheap way to get the same look for a couple of bucks.

Now I saw this video a while ago and followed a few forum threads and decided what the heck. I went to my local home depot and acquired the parts needed and below is the end results. This is not a step by step how to as there are plenty out there, but the pictures below capture my process of removing the wing, painting the spacers, and my outcome. Enjoy.

Stock…a little sad looking.

Removed the center panel with a couple of lite tugs.

Removed panel with the Home Depot parts I purchased. New bolts, some spacers and washers.
Painting the washers. Check the VW logo in the upper right of the board. This ain’t my first rodeo. LOL

Removed the third brake light.

Shaved butt…ew!

Wow Ford just grab a red spoiler and paint blue over it. Don’t worry the owner will never see it. SMH
Another area of the spoiler I needed to use touch up paint on.
You can see the spacers sitting on top of the washer. Just need to reattach the wing.

The results. Some like it, some hate it, but I say a lil gap never hurt nobody.

The money shot. It looks like it has some self esteem now.

Total was only $6.42 plus tax

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