A Life-size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron…that DRIVES!

LEGO has teamed up with Bugatti to create a life-sized driveable replica of their famous Bugatti Chiron. After about 13,000 man hours and 1 million LEGO pieces, the fully functioning Bugatti replica was completed. Made almost entirely of LEGO pieces, sans the tires, this Bugatti Ciron replica is powered by not one, but 2300 Lego Technic motors pumping out a mind warping 5.3bhp. Whew!

Although it’s a slight loss in power from the actual Chiron that boast 1500hp, this is a huge accomplishment. Now it won’t break any speed records or melt tires, but it does power and move the 1.5-ton car. A huge accomplishment considering the car is run entirely by little LEGO motors.

LEGO did an amazing job with mirroring the looks of the actual Chiron and even included a functional rear spoiler/air brake to bring it to a halt from its zippy 12.4 mph record-breaking speed. Remember to always wear your helmet when racing this thing…safety first.

All hail creativity and innovation.

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Can you hear me now?

After doing the diy wing riser the next step is to either modify the factory antenna so that it does not bend up against the wing when the hatch is open or get a shorter antenna. I went to my phone and opened up my eBay app and figured I’d see what was available. I came across some stubby 5″, 3″, and even 1.4″ carbon fiber antennas and figured why not give them a shot. I purchased the 2 smaller ones for a little radio reception comparison.

Comparing the stubby antennas to the stock one.

The antennas came with the necessary universal hardware screws (show above) along with some song washers for a nice snug fit.

Test fitting them here.

I mounted both but decided to start with the 1.4″ and work my way up if needed.

Here is how they mount. Simple find and insert the correct size threaded screw and then twist on the antenna with the song washer between the base and antenna.

Here are a few angles of it mounted.

Simple and cleans up the profile of the car even more.

So far the reception seems ok driving around the neighborhood. Updates to follow.

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Snapshot Saturday

Was hanging out with the family in Coronado on Saturday looking for a vacation beach home to purchase (jk) and came across this fully custom 86. Posted at the corner it garnered much attention as people walking by couldn’t help but gawk and take pictures. I spotted it from across the park and had to make my way over to take some pics for all of you to enjoy.

I’m not too familiar with distinguishing the difference between the years but I do know that the body style has not changed much over the years that the Scion FRS/Subaru BRZ/ Toyota 86 have been on the market. I am a fan of them and the amount of customization that is available for them from numerous companies. Reminds me of when the Honda Civic took over the customization world back in the nineties.

The one featured here sports a wide body conversation, a nice custom wrap job, extremely wide wheel set-up, and an array of custom touches. Through the windshield I spy a carbon fiber gauge pod for the factory gauges. On the exterior you can see carbon mirrors, a front splitter, an aggressive stance, and what looks like a Mishimoto oil cooler, or a tiny intercooler peeking from behind the opening in the front grill.

Nice touches all over…very show worthy and of course worth sharing with all of you. Enjoy snapshot Saturday.

Mishimoto oil cooler (or mini intercooler).

Massive front splitter.

Duckbill style rear spoiler.

Aggressive wheel set-up.

Carbon fiber gauge pod.

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She’s looking fly now

I don’t mod as heavy as I used to which is a good thing. Means I have more money in the bank to take trips with my family. I guess I grew up a little over the years. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to get my hands dirty installing parts and like to consider myself as a do-it yourselfer. So when I find a little time and a little spare cash and some cool trend, I tend to give it a go.

Also as someone that likes to modify cars I realize that money is not endless. If there is a way to save a few bucks by replicating something that I found out in the market that some company is charging ludicrous amounts of money for, I am willing to try to make it myself. Obviously, not something that does not jeopardize the safety or integrity of the vehicle. I’m only referring to aesthetics, at the most a homemade intake.

Amongst Ford Focus ST owners one of the most common discussions had been how to make the car look more aggressive to match the performance. The rear wing, different than a standard Focus hatchback, but still gets overlooked when looking at the cars side profile. One of the cool things of performance cars are the aesthetics and how they look so sleek yet aggresive. One of the most imitated looks is the duckbill style spoilers found on BMW M3 CSL’s and some JDM cars. These spoilers are attached to or in some cases an exaggerated version of the trunk. The look provides the rear of the car with a bit more upward angle.

With the Focus ST being a hatchback people have gotten creative and rather than replacing their wing with a RS style one they found a way to add a little flair. Introducing the diy wing riser. Some companies are selling kits for $150, but some diy’ers found a very cheap way to get the same look for a couple of bucks.

Now I saw this video https://youtu.be/t3vg430WUlU a while ago and followed a few forum threads and decided what the heck. I went to my local home depot and acquired the parts needed and below is the end results. This is not a step by step how to as there are plenty out there, but the pictures below capture my process of removing the wing, painting the spacers, and my outcome. Enjoy.

Stock…a little sad looking.

Removed the center panel with a couple of lite tugs.

Removed panel with the Home Depot parts I purchased. New bolts, some spacers and washers.
Painting the washers. Check the VW logo in the upper right of the board. This ain’t my first rodeo. LOL

Removed the third brake light.

Shaved butt…ew!

Wow Ford just grab a red spoiler and paint blue over it. Don’t worry the owner will never see it. SMH
Another area of the spoiler I needed to use touch up paint on.
You can see the spacers sitting on top of the washer. Just need to reattach the wing.

The results. Some like it, some hate it, but I say a lil gap never hurt nobody.

The money shot. It looks like it has some self esteem now.

Total was only $6.42 plus tax

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BMW of Riverside Cars & Coffee

Alrighty, I am finally getting around to posting these from my Sunday outing. I was scrolling thru Facebook last week and saw that my local BMW dealership was hosting a Sunday edition of Cars & Coffee. With this one being held from 8-11 on a Sunday rather than the typical Saturday 7-10 time slot that most are held made it easier for me to attend.

You can tell from the pictures it was a decent turn out with some rather nice cars. I mainly went because I am slowly becoming a fan of BMW’s more and more and really would like to get the M2 on the road and track and of course parked in my garage one day. I do have some familiarity with the Bavarian car maker brand a I’ve done a drive event or two and have an infatuation with the European models that we don’t see here stateside. The one that I’m watching a lot of content on is the M140i/M240i hatchbacks, particularly the Motech and Motech Shadow editions. These cars are tuned by a BMW tuning company called Motech and then sold through dealerships in Europe. These share the same platform and engine that we see here in the 135i and the M235i/240i coupes but with a few engine upgrades, body pieces and tweaks to the suspension. The M235/240 coupes are nice but take a backseat to the full track monster found in the M2. But that’s another story and topic to cover…back to the Cars & Coffee event.

Again nice cars, a dj playing music, prizes, chill people, reving contest and a sense of community as with any car group. The only difference is you get the feeling with some of these guys that it’s BMW or nothing. I even heard someone commenting on my ST as I drove onto the lot to park. It’s to be expected as I was crashing their party, so no big deal. Enough chatter on to the pics and video.

Nice wrap on this one

Widebody M4

The Shark

Miata (MX-5) is always the answer

Track built manual M2 🙂

The 1M coupe…gotta love these

Z3M Coupe A.K.A. The Shoe

I spy boosted performance peaking from behind the front bumper

E30 M3…one of my favorites

Check the license plate. AMG owners beware!

Time to start recycling and saving up those pennies

This M5 with the M-Performance exhaust looked and sounded wicked

A little video of the event.

I hope you enjoyed the pics.

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BMW M760i & i8

I tell you if money were no object I’d definitely have one of these, if not both parked in my garage.

Here are a couple of pics from showroom at the Riverside BMW Cars & Coffee event.

The 2018 BMW M760i

Oh my, only $181k? Somebody let me hold a little something ’til my paycheck clears.
Full alcantara headliner sporting dual sunshades for the panoramic view

The 2018 BMW i8

I call it the “Electric Pulse”!

Man, I really need to pick those winning powerball numbers soon.

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