A Life-size LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron…that DRIVES!

LEGO has teamed up with Bugatti to create a life-sized driveable replica of their famous Bugatti Chiron. After about 13,000 man hours and 1 million LEGO pieces, the fully functioning Bugatti replica was completed. Made almost entirely of LEGO pieces, sans the tires, this Bugatti Ciron replica is powered by not one, but 2300 Lego Technic motors pumping out a mind warping 5.3bhp. Whew!

Although it’s a slight loss in power from the actual Chiron that boast 1500hp, this is a huge accomplishment. Now it won’t break any speed records or melt tires, but it does power and move the 1.5-ton car. A huge accomplishment considering the car is run entirely by little LEGO motors.

LEGO did an amazing job with mirroring the looks of the actual Chiron and even included a functional rear spoiler/air brake to bring it to a halt from its zippy 12.4 mph record-breaking speed. Remember to always wear your helmet when racing this thing…safety first.

All hail creativity and innovation.

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