Dos Lagos First Annual Car Show

Today Perks Garage ventured out into the 100+ degree weather to check out a local event.  The Shops at Dos Lagos put on the first annual Father’s Day car show.  Pretty nice turn out, so I so hope that they continue with these annually.  There were performances from local bands and a variety of cars on display.   The weather was a pretty brutal welcome to summer.  Many people made their rounds, snapped some pics and headed to the freezer section of the nearest store.  We ended up at The Wal-Mart.  Why you ask?  Because Magnum double caramel ice cream bars rule!

Anyway check out these pics and venture over to Facebook for more content.20160618_141828



Raging Bull20160618_14100120160618_14090420160618_140756

Ferrari 458 goodness20160618_14073220160618_14074120160618_14070720160618_14055720160618_14064220160618_14050620160618_14045720160618_14135920160618_141417

GT 35020160618_14041220160618_14040320160618_14023620160618_14022120160618_14013020160618_14012020160618_140113

Nice emblem20160618_14005720160618_140043

Queue the Prince music…20160618_135859

I REALLY liked this little German invader20160618_135829

Off-road anyone?20160618_135552

A pair of Continentals bagged-out20160618_13553620160618_13552520160618_135510



The members of Outkast would be proud to have this in their garage.20160618_13542320160618_135345

Honda 60020160618_13533920160618_135324

A father and son representing.  Just so happens that the son, driving the Mustang, was my sons 4th grade teacher.20160618_135303

My son is a littler bit taller than he was in the 4th grade 🙂20160618_135212

Another of my favs from the day20160618_13501120160618_13504520160618_13503320160618_13505420160618_134650

A little Chevy love20160618_13484320160618_13445120160618_134459

On Friday, my job was setting up for their annual car show, so I was able to take a few pics before leaving work.20160617_15134020160617_151323

Cadillac ATS-V…$85k Frost White edition20160617_15131020160617_15124820160617_15112820160617_151138

BMW i8…$152k.  I have my accountant working the numbers for me as we speak.20160617_15111720160617_15103920160617_15110220160617_15101320160617_15100120160617_150954


Well I find myself sitting here late at night; 1:38am to be exact. But I’m here for a good cause. I am here for one reason and one reason only. You all may know this man as: Mr. Perkins, Mike, Michael. But I’m proud to call him my: Dad, Daddy-O, Old Man, Father, Life Giver (you probably get the point now). Anyway I just want to say thank you for everything. You’ve been supporting everything I’ve chosen (good choices) and the decisions I’ve stayed by. So in return I’m supporting your blog, well I don’t know if I’m exactly doing that lol. I just took the time to find pictures from the fun times we’ve had.  I hope we have many more fun adventures that we’ll go through and be able to talk about. I just want to say thanks: for the support, the discipline, your hard work, your motivation, and your adventures you force me on that I end up enjoying in the end. Even though I’ve been going through so much change in so little time, I practically am a whole other person now with contacts and no braces. But I want to assure you that even my though my physical features and many other things change my love for you is something that’ll forever stay the same. I don’t say this enough but I love you dad and I hope you have a fantastic Father’s Day!! I hope you enjoy my gift. If there’s any mistakes (spelling errors, grammar, unctuation, etc) blame my dad lol just kidding.

From your Swagged Out Son

Chrissy P Perkins


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