Sticker shock!

I went to the dealership this morning to get my  first free oil change on the ST.  I noticed that the dealership was pretty empty of customers and even though I had an appointment, I was still surprised I didn’t have to wait to get my car in the service bay. 

To kill my time I, like most car people, decided to walk the lot and check out the inventory.  As to be expected, there were several Mustangs V6’s and GT’s and slew of F150 variations on the lot all waiting to to go a new home.  Back inside the showroom I saw a black Focus RS and GT350 on display.  Right outside the rear doors of the showroom there was a fully loaded 2018 Raptor. I do love the look of this truck. Very stylish and loads of power.

Although I am not buying anything, I always check out the prices of the vehicles that I like and it amazes me the amount of dealership markup they are asking for their “low production” performance vehicles.  The Focus RS has proven to be a great car but has been out for almost a year and this particular dealership is still asking $4k over msrp putting it at $46k, and that is without the upgraded wheels and tires.  

I also peeked at the sticker on the Raptor and they want $20k over sticker, bringing it up to a MIND BLOWING $90k!!!  This for an off-road pick up truck.  Although it is an impressive truck, I personally have a difficult time digesting a $70k sticker price and then by adding a $20k insult markup I find rather absurd.  I guess they need to make money if they’re not selling.   Here’s a thought, maybe with a lower price, they might sell more.  

Enough ranting, here are some pics. 

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Perks Garage…who?

A few weeks ago we took advantage of the drive events for Mazda and BMW and enjoyed the h3ll out of their cars.  Last week Corey (our senior content manager here at Perks Garage) shared this lil story with me. 

“Soo I’m jamming to work and wizz by this automotive warehouse to find a media drive event jumping off…… I really wanted to submit app on spot but couldn’t  be late. They were like what media entity do you represent I was like Perks Garage…..*blankstares* Man just let me take it around the corner Chump!”

Don’t worry, they will recognize greatness soon enough!
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Perks Garage International!!!

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Ford Focus RS “drift mode” does not make you Ken Block

Found this on YouTube.  Please practice and use this “gimmicky” feature on a closed wiiiiide open course before you go out there and become internet famous for foolishness! 

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