Best weekend yet

Lucky, fortunate, blessed…these are a few of the words people use when they are #winning at life. Whether it is a sporting event, winning the lottery, or an awards show people tend to lead their acceptance speech with one of these words. Well I didn’t win the big lottery this week, not from a lack of trying, it just wasn’t my turn. But I, well Perks Garage, had a winning weekend!

On Saturday, I had a great time hitting the Silverado Canyon fire access road for a review of the 2018 Chevy Colorado ZR 2 Off-Road pick-up truck with a few great guys that I’m happy to call friends.

That was a great experience for all of us, although I think we all might have peed our pants just a little during a few of those jumps.  A full write up is in the works as soon as I can edit the hundred or so pics and video I took.  Also took some video of me trailing behind Jon’s Civic Type R.  I finally got to see it in action as he devoured the road chasing down a Nismo Z.

The weekend fun didn’t end there as I made arrangements to attend Car Classic 2018 Iconic Design: 70 years of ArtCenter Influence, a celebration at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena for automotive design. The event was a collection of alumni and sponsors gathering to discuss and showcase automotive designs past, present, and future.  There were many cars on display, including several sought after concept cars from Tesla, Fisker, Hyundai, and the one generating a lot of buzz at the moment, Genesis.

Perks Garage was in attendance for an interview with Chief Designer for Global Advanced Design at Genesis – Sasha Selipanov.

Sasha is known for designing a few very low-key cars you may or may not have heard of: the Ferrari 612 GTO III, the Lamborghini Huracan, and the Bugatti Chiron.  Nothing too special (truly I jest).  Sasha is an amazingly down to earth, humble guy that represents his talents and the brand extremely well.  His latest design, the Genessis Essentia, is once again garnering major automotive concept car attention.  The Essentia is making it’s rounds globally and through a very coincidental work relationship with his mother-in-law, I landed here with Sasha and his latest design.

My article is being penned this week and needs to be approved before I can bring it to all of you.

The show brought out designers from some of the major manufacturers for panel discussions and one panel session was concluded by a surprise guest.  The legend himself, Mr Jay Leno was on sight!  He was a part of a birthday celebration for one of the designers but also showcased one of his many automobiles – a long V12 powered WW2 two-seater vehicle.

Not only was he there on stage, but being the approachable guy he is, he roamed around shaking hands and taking pics with fans.  Now, I’ve met celebrities in the past, but Leno is on a whole ‘nother level for my fanboyism.  I was able to meet, shake hands, and take a picture with him. Not only that, but he also took a picture with my wife, who was gushing as well.  Especially after he asked, “Who’s that, your dad?” #thisguy #onceaconedian #comedianperson

Here is the video of him driving away from the event.  If you watch the video you will hear Jay doing his signature double honk as he exits.

So you see, Perks Garage is making moves and I am lucky, fortunate, blessed and #winning all at once.  Above all I am thankful and very humble for the opportunities granted yesterday, today and tomorrow.


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Zoom~Zoom Mazda RX3

I have been saying for some time that I want a car that was manufactured the year that I was born. Something sporty and cool that I could play around with by customizing, somewhat of a never ending project. After visiting a few JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Shows) and digging thru the Internet I came up with a couple of choices that fit my personality, style and taste and started putting together a list. One day I will get it narrowed down and pick something up to start working on.

Now a close friend of mine (I use that term lightly as we have never met) is a host an automotive YouTube channel packed with a lot of cool cars and bikes, technical info and humor.  You may have heard of him…Jay Leno, the greatest late night talk show host and a true car guy. Any person that uses an airport hangar to house his collection of daily driven automobiles is truly a legend worthy of a mention in mostly every car discussion. Scrolling thru his channel the other day I came across one of those cars on my list of possible project cars.

The great thing about having a passion for cars is that there are so many styles, makes and models to appreciate so you can’t really get bored. There is always something to get your pulse rate up and the little Mazda in the video below is definitely no exception.  It’s a 1973 Mazda RX3 with lots of custom touches. Not only does it have a heart transplant from its biological grandson the RX-7, but it’s turbo charged pushing out around 400hp.  The Mustang GT cranks out 435, but weighs over 1000 pounds more.  According to the owner of this lil 3 the car is fast enough to take a Porsche off the line in a race. With 400hp on tap and weighing less than 2200 pounds, its not surprising that it has an incredible power to weight ratio.

These are very sought after cars with tuners, racers and JDM aficionados, so even a stripped down version will command some dollars in the used car market. I have seen a few of these driving around SoCal and the sound of those rotary engines is very exhilarating and distinct compared to your standard 4, 6 and 8 cylinder enigines. To paint the picture, the sound is kinda like a chainsaw mixed with a finely tuned Subaru boxer motor…a lot of burbling and popping. The sound is very intimidating in street races! Now the rotary engines in Mazda’s are known for being somewhat unreliable. They are difficult to tune properly and crap on fuel economy, but when done right it’s like hearing your favorite song that used to get you hyped up in the club. Cue up the 50-Cent “Go shawty, it’s ya birthday!”

Now check out the Internet pics I borrowed and the video from Jay Leno’s Garage I posted below. With time and money you too can be broke like the rest of us with fun cars 🙂