It’s not just a mans world, women love cars too!

This lady is not only an enthusiasts but is a Porsche enthusiasts. She not only collects and shows her Porsches at car shows like Car Week in Monterey, but she loves to drive them…and drives them hard. Watch out Jerry Seinfeld, I think she may own as many as you.


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Porsche Experience Center

While hanging out at our friends going away gathering this past Saturday, my content manager “Corey Washinton” ask if I want to take a “quick” ride in his Focus RS to check out the handling.  The car is noticeably more car than the ST, from the sound of the valved exhaust note in Sport mode, to the way you are thrust back in the Alcantara Recaro buckets with every blip of the throttle show a very different level of power and characteristics than my Focus ST offers.  The differences go further once you start taking corners and you feel the way the cars AWD system marries the chassis to the road.  Your level of confidence when pushing into corners is aided more by the sticky 19 inch Pilot Super Sport tires.  But this isn’t the review of the RS I planned on.  On our quick romp around the block we made a little detour…

We exited the 405 fwy and stopped off at the new Porsche Experience Center in Carson, CA.  Just pulling into the parking lot was enough to excite the average automotive fan.  It was like Cars-N-Coffee with the likes of 911’s, GT3’s, Cayman 718’s, Panamera’s, M3’s and of course the Focus RS.  We exited the car and soaked it all in as this is something of dreams.  

Walking up to the building your heart begins to flutter a bit as you grab the handle of the double glass doors.   A receptionist draped in Porsche gear greats you and ask if you are here for the Experience or visiting.   “Just visiting.”  Once we signed in as visitors we were handed visitor badges, which we “conveniently” forgot to return when we completed our visit and left the building.

Peering past the receptionist desk this is what awaits your senses.  Enjoy…

911 R

911 Targa 4GTS

918 Spyder

A mechanics bay so clean and pure it looks like you could eat off the floor

Porsche Design soundbar

917 restaurant on the 2nd floor

Notice the view of the track

A view of the track and lineup view from the 917 restaurant

A very nice place to spend a weekend.  Next time we’ll ditch the visitor status and shell out a few dollars for a couple of laps in the 911.

Of course I can’t leave out the RS.

Thanks Corey for the detour and help snapping pics.

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Here’s a little taste of what occurred at Coffee & Cars in Palos Verdes Peninsula:

One of Perks Garage on the streets content managers drove out to PV early Saturday morning to hang with the well-to-dos, talk shop and capture some images of some everyday and also some rarely seen cars here in California.   

Ford Escort MK2 with rally lights.


Renault 5 turbo

$7mill all original Cobra?

I don’t usually like the 2002’s but the execution on this one is exceptional. 

This Porsche always reminds me of the movie Weird Science…”he doesn’t even have his license Lisa”

All very nice cars and from the looks of it,  a very nice turnout. 

Thanks E for rising early to grab these photos.   I really hate that you had to enjoy this without me. 

Photos property of Perks Garage suckas! 

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